Career Fair Resources

Resources to use for Career Fairs and Careers in Energy Week:

*  Careers in Energy Flyer 2016  get_into_energy_poster_2016_slider

*  Step-by-step guide to help plan an open house   Career Awareness Open House Toolkit

*  Tips for a successful career fair  career_fair_tips

*  Career Fair Packing List  packing_list

*  Competencies for Energy Utility Technician  Competency Careers Model

*  Job Summary Sheets – top 4 job categories  summary_sheets_top4_job_categories

*  Power Point  presentation 21-slides “Plug Into Energy Careers”   Generic_Statewide_Careers_Powerpoint_NRECA

*  Power Point presentation for middle and high school students   CareersInEnergyWeekMiddleAndHighSchoolPresentation

Handouts and games/puzzles:

*  4-page handout – “Discovering Sources for Electricity”  DiscoveringSourcesforElectricity_intermediate level

*  Quiz – “Test your Energy IQ”   test_your_energyIQ

*  Nuclear Crossword Puzzle  nuclear_crossword_puzzle

*  Energy Sudoku  energy_Sudoku

*  Word Find CareersinEnergyWeek-WordSearch-2015

*  National Energy Education Development Project – Primary Energy Carnival