Production, Delivery, and Distribution


Major Pipelines
Crude Oil Enbridge
Koch Pipeline
Petroleum Product Midstream Partners
Natural Gas Liquids Enbridge, Enterprise Products, Kinder Morgan
Interstate Nat. Gas Pipelines Alliance Pipeline Co.
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Ltd
Northern Boarder Pipeline Co.
Northern Natural Gas Co.
Viking Gas Transmission Co.


Fueling Stations Minnesota Share of U.S. Period
Motor Gasoline 2,147 stations 1.9% 2011
Liquefied Petroleum Gases 37 stations 1.3% 2013
Compressed Natural Gas 8 stations 0.7% 2013
Ethanol 360 stations 13.9% 2013
Other Alternative Fuels 159 stations 1.0% 2013


Electric Distribution Facilities
Investor Owned Utilities 4
Municipal Electric Companies 125 See the state map for their locations
Electric Distribution Cooperatives 44 See the electric cooperative map for locations